Our journey Crafting Timeless Experiences

Step into a world where nature, heritage, and genuine connections intertwine, shaping our collective inspiration.

Pioneering Travel Experiences

We create memorable stays that offer a genuine escape and enriching experiences, guided by a deep respect for nature, a passion for local immersion, and an appreciation for architectural inspiration. Our goal is to provide our guests with a peaceful retreat where they can unwind, connect with the surroundings, and create lasting memories.

Towards a More
sustainable future

Commitment to positive social and environmental impact drives our decisions. We consider short and long-term effects of our commercial activities, addressing interests of employees, customers, communities, and the environment. No party takes precedence, and we independently weigh various interests to achieve meaningful impact, integral to our mission.

Collaborating with
Exceptional Talents

We carefully select exceptional talents, including visionary chefs, skilled artisans, and talented artists, to join us in our quest to preserve the unique identity of each project. By combining their expertise, passion, and creativity, we craft timeless experiences that reflect our vision and leave a lasting impact on our guests.

Why Invest with Collectible

Discover secure and meaningful investment opportunities that embody value and purpose. Invest in projects that prioritize cultural and natural preservation, offering a solid foundation for a prosperous future. Join us in making responsible investments that create lasting value and contribute to a meaningful and sustainable legacy.

  1. Authenticity as a Safe Bet

    At Collectible, we are committed to offering you unique investment opportunities that are rich in history and enduring values. We carefully select authentic properties that preserve the cultural and natural heritage of each region.

  2. Captivating Storytelling

    Every property we offer has a captivating story to tell. By investing with Collectible, you become a part of that story, which you can proudly share, adding a unique dimension to your investment portfolio.

  3. Smart Diversification

    We understand the importance of diversifying your investments. With Collectible, you can invest in property clusters that encompass multiple properties, providing income stability and protection against market fluctuations

Meet Our Dedicated Partners

Our passionate Collectible House partners are united by a love for nature, heritage and creating timeless experiences. From visionary architects to talented designers, we work tirelessly to bring our unique vision to life. Together, we curate spaces that inspire connection, joy, and treasured memories for our valued guests.

  • David
  • Julien
    Revenue manager
  • Jerome
    Interior Architect
  • Stanislas
    de Poucques
    Artistic Director
  • Stefan
  • Maximilien
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